Learn How You Can Become An Uber Driver

 In the modern world, almost every sector is benefiting from technological advancement.   One sector that has embraced technology and the internet is the transport sector.  Riders are now enjoying the convenience of offered by technology.  You can now get a ride anytime you want by hiring a private driver using a location-based app.  For riders, Uber is on-demand due to the convenience it offers. How much money can drivers make with the Cargo Box? Click to find out!

Uber is not only convenient but safe and inexpensive. With a tap of a button on your smartphone, you get to hire a private driver to pick you up and take you to your preferred destination A nearby driver arrives within minutes. The good thing is that you can see as the driver comes to your location.

When you have a private car, you can apply to be an Uber driver. However, both you and your car must meet the requirements to be eligible for Uber car service. You will, however, be your own boss once you meet Uber requirements. You just need to set the hours you will be available and start earning wages right in your car. Again, you will an opportunity to meet new people.

There are, however, Uber driver requirements in order for you to qualify as an Uber driver. It is easy to qualify as an Uber driver and the process almost the same as Lyft driver requirements. However, there are some distinct uber requirements. A driver must be aged 21 or more with a driving record of 1 or more years. If the driver is 23 years or younger, 3 years of driving record will be required.

You should have a clean criminal record for the last 7 years, and a clean driving record in the past 3 years when applying for UberX. When applying for Uber Black there are more stringent filters. The criminal record is intended to assure passengers of their safety. In case an Uber driver is found to be listed in the National or State Sex Offenders Registry, or even in the list of suspected terrorist, the driver is disqualified.

At the same time, convictions of certain offenses in the last 7 years will also result in disqualification. The various offenses include drug-related driving or DUI convictions, reckless driving, hits and runs, fraud, and violent crime like assaults and homicide. Other offenses that cause disqualification upon conviction include sexual offenses, fatal accidents, sexual offenses, and crimes relating to property damage.

However, if you qualify to drive for Uber but your car doesn’t or you don’t have a car, you can still drive for UberX by renting a car.

Read more about this at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpool.

Learn How You Can Become An Uber Driver
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